Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's better than the Bachalorette!

This book is not just a chick flit- all about dresses, make-up and tiaras. This is much more than that.


Ever wondered what would happen if Hunger Games met the Bachelorette? 
Well you get the Selection!
Selection is an easy but delightful read. I got this on IBooks and reading it on the IPad was erm... interesting! 
I got to bookmark the pages I wanted to read again which was convenient cause book-marking several pages on a book is quite hard!!

But I still missed reading a book, like A physical book, I missed flipping the pages and I missed the (this is going to sound weird) but I really did miss the smell of books and the the sound the pages make when I turn them! (Okay now I sound nuts but hey reading is a holistic experience!)

Plot Summary:

Reading this book was like watching a reality tv show! And essentially it is kind of like a reality tv show. Kind of like hunger games plus the bachelorette. Each girl is chosen from a province to compete in (sound remotely familiar??) no no, not to compete in the hunger games but in THE SELECTION!

 This is basically a competition(don't get me wrong, there is nothing BASIC about this competition), whereby Prince Maxon chooses his future Queen! America enters the Selection much to her annoyance(forced by her mom and a certain someone), and there she catches the eye of the Prince. But sadly her heart is with someone else (or is it). But will charming and dashing Prince Maxon win her over with his good heart and ..... Gorgeousness? Not forgetting the fact that this is indeed a competition for the crown, things get ugly between the competitors, between the girls who are vying for the Prince's heart and the crown!
There are (7 or 8) classes in the society. Those who are upper class are in Class 1 while the lowest class is in Class 8. Those who enter the SELECTION, will be "promoted" to Class 3, while America is born in Class 5-- wohooo or is it really something to be happy about?

I hope there is a solution for this in the next book!!!

My thoughts:
This book is actually the first book in the series! I did not know this and was utterly dissapointed when I was left hanging on thread! I wanted to know who she chose in the end! I wanted to know so many things! But all I got in the last page was, END OF BOOK ONE! I thought it was a joke and there was a mistake when downloading! Silly me!
It is one of those times, when you are watching American Idol or SYTCD or X factor and you are eagerly waiting for the results show! Unfortunately, I have to wait more than 24hrs! The next book is only set to be released next year! 

I was a bit hesitant when I started reading this book, I was abit unsure about how the book would turn out. I loved the plot but I did not want it to be "all about lip gloss and glittery dresses". 
 This book is much more than that- I can assure you. Some themes like castes differences and poverty are discussed in this book which gives it a mature outlook on the world. I love how the author tries to include these themes into the plot! Quite Clever!

You will grow to love the characters; Prince Mason, America and a certain someone. I loved America's younger sister- SHE IS TEAM MASON and she is all so cute!

I recommend this to:
I do recommend this book for anyone who is looking for an easy but captivating read!

Don't judge a book by its cover:
I love the dress on the cover. I have to ay the cover attracted me to the book! One of the prettier covers of this summer! 



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Barbara said...

The cover is beautiful and the plot sounds entertaining.