Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shhhh, it's Hush Hush

After browsing for,what seemed to be a long time, I chose to read “HUSH HUSH” which is part of the hush hush hush trilogy. I could not find all the other books I had in mind. But I have to admit, I was spending quite some time – looking at the Infernal Devices series section. Oh the cover is just so pretty, isn’t it? (okay I should stop blabbering about that, this is ALL ABOUT HUSH HUSH)

Plot summary

This book is about a…. guy who is mysterious, dreamy yet annoying and a girl(surprise surprise) Nora, who is being stalked by someone. Even though Nora hates this guy, Patch(what a name?, now I thought my name sounded weird!), she is somewhat attracted to him. AWKWARD! But Patch also has a mysterious side to him, something that is not quite right and Nora is curious, (you know the typical “oh-it-might-be-dangerous-but-i-shall-do-it-anyway sort of heroine, **coughs Bella **coughs**) The story revolves around how Patch and Nora’s lives are entwined and what the future holds for them.

My thoughts
And guess what? I finished this book in a day. It’s your typical 400 page novel but it is filled with suspense and is truly a page turner. I sat down at 4 and finished reading the book at 8. Pausing in between to go make myself tea! (turns out I hate the tea I make, not as good as mom’s) Psssht!

I know what you are thinking- “there you go again, another twilight sheezbam! ” Ah there you are wrong! This is nothing, I REPEAT, nothing like twilight! I thought the female character was all very Bella-ish, no she is not THAT annoying, not all the time anyway! It’s all very very VAMPIRE DIARIES meets SUPERNATURAL sort of thing. A delightful and exciting read.

I was NOT COMPLETELY crazy about this book. The idea of it was beautiful and unique. There were moments when i just "face-palmed" myself- asking myself "WHY oh WHY". The story however, is quite fast paced and thus it keeps you wanting to find out more at every turn of the page. I would definitely read the next book to find out what's happening and how it all ends.

 I recommend this to

 All those out there who love paranormal stuff. If you like twilight, you probably will "dig" this.

Don't you just love this quote:
No quote stood out for me in this book! Oops.


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