Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hush Hush Sequence

Crescendo and Silence. The second and third books in the HUSH HUSH sequence by
Becca Flitzpatrick

I have finally finished reading the second and third books in the hush hush trilogy- crescendo and silence. I think I am going through a whirlwind of emotions right now but...

Plot Summary:

The fight between the Fallen Angels and the Nephilim take a different turn. It becomes more mysterious and dark. Obviously you know more about the Nephilim/ Fallen Angel world. Learn more secrets. You would know more about the Fallen angels and Nephilim. Since these are the second and third books in the series, talking about the plot would certainly be a SPOILER!

My thoughts:
 I think the second book offers the reader a roller coaster ride of emotions! You will be thrilled with so many emotions, twists and turns!
All I have to say is, I liked this book more than the first! I have grown to like Nora a whole lot more and though she does annoy me sometimes.
Obviously Patch becomes more mysterious than ever! The plot becomes darker and more eerie!

Having said that, I found myself reading these books, to know more about what happens in the end. I was not really drawn to any of the characters per se. Patch was mysteriously and charming but in the third book, became annoyingly Cheesy. I don't do cheesy sadly.

After sometime, i was emotionally detached from the book, i could not understand what the characters were trying to do, and there were times I just wanted to freaking YELL at NORA. Yes i did.


Don't you just love this quote?

"Hang on did you just call me Angel"
"If I did?"
"I don't like it."
"It stays, Angel"

Don't judge the book by its cover:

I loved the cover for the second book.
Nora Grey look at the imminent storm, waiting for impending gloom.

Cover for third book really reminded me of Steven Strait from the covenant. Why oh why?

I imagined him/her as:
Caitlin Cassey as Nora Grey - From the sleepover's club

Steven Strait as Patch - Wasn't he all black in The Covenant?

I recommend this to:


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