Review Policy

If you want me to review your book, please let me know!
If you require me to review the books by a set time, please do let me know!
Otherwise, please do understand, that it would take time for me to review your books, (obviously not a decade!!). 
You can leave a comment here or on Goodreads (link on the right)
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In my Review:
Title/Author/Where I got It.
Plot Summary
My Thoughts:
Don't you love this quote: some of my favourite quotes, if any stood out for me!
Don't judge a book by this cover:  something about the cover art, if it stood out for me!
My Rating
My Recommendation: to people I think would love this book!

My Rating is, currently a number system. But this is subjected to change
Currently, I rate my books over a 10

1- 4 : I will never Read this book again if i had the chance
5- 6 : Enjoyable read. But not mind-blowing. Probably won't read it again
7- 8 : Wow. I would read it again definitely. I will recommend it too everyone I know.
9 - 10: I will READ it again and again. I will FORCE everyone I know to read it by PHYSICAL
           means if required.

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