Eh-Lo Everybody. I'm Zeena! And it's nice to meet you.

If you are browsing this blog, then you must be a book lover too! All hail- the mighty books!

I love books and I have slight, wee, tiny obsession over them. I love collecting books, love admiring their covers and love fantasising about all the characters, yes yes I know they are fictional!

I generally do not have a specific genre that I do read BUT
I do find myself generally walking to the YA/Teen Reads section in the bookshop first.
But I do enjoy some serious, thought provoking adult fiction, some non fiction (biography and self help).
I am a very loyal reader, so If one of my favourite authors has just released a book, you can bet on anything. that I will do ANYTHING to get my hands on that novel.
I love series- for they allow me to experience the "world" for a bit longer!

I hope you do enjoy my reviews
Please feel free to leave a comment or share your thoughts!

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