Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Galaxy's Romantics

Is Stephanie Perkins an ultimate love guru or what? Both her books make me yearn for more!
Every Girl's must have book

Plot Summary;
Lola or Dolores, is a quirky teenager, who fancies costumes. She breathes, lives and exudes fashion. All is going well, in a oh so perfect life, until her past comes creeping back. Her neighbours of the past move back in. And with them comes the Bell Twins; (one of them a BOY: CRICKET)
Now, Lola has to face her past, with a boyfriend in hand. Not an easy journey, but its a journey worth taking, a journey where she is forced to be honest with her self; honest about love.

My Thoughts:
Swoon alert! Oh my gosh. In this book, there's not only Cricket to swoon over, but the oh so charming, British Accented, American-French gorgeousness, Etienne St Clair, is back. He charmed his way throughout this novel, making me smile whenever I saw his name on the page (I don't think I am alone in this, am I right?) Cricket- Now if you don't fictionally fall in love with this guy, you are simply heartless. He is so perfect. He is just the ultimate next door boy you would yearn to have.
Should I even comment about the moments, I just gasped and smiled and thought, "if only?". Stephanie Perkins holds power over me, she is one of the rare authors, who has that magic to make me swoon over  FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Oh the Joy?

This novella is a pleasure and easy read. It does not take too long to read. In fact, I don't think you would want to stop once you've started. Which is why i finished the book in a day. Yes, in A DAY.

I recommend this to:

All you girls out there. READ THIS.

Don't you just love this Quote?
"I know you aren't perfect. But it's a person's imperfections that make them perfect for someone else" 
- Lola and the Boy Next Door


Don't judge the book by its cover:

I love the colors of the cover. Light blue, purple, pink and a lovely turquoise for the hard cover. Lola is so pretty on the cover, with her purple hair. But i did not associate Cricket to the guy on the cover, (don't kill me), for me Cricket was like... ANDREW GARFIELD or am I nuts????

I imagined him as:

Andrew Garfield as the perfect Cricket. 

 P.S: Harry Styles as the Perfect Etienne? Or am I nuts, once again???


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