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Now I understand why everyone was raving about this trilogy. Cause its amazing, duh?
Finished reading both the books and I am left waiting for the last instalment and I hate waiting!

Plot Summary:
Divergent opens a whole new post apocalyptic world. There are five factions in this society

Abnegation- The Selfless
Candor- The Honest
Amity- The Peaceful
Dauntless- The Brave
Erudite- The Knowledgeable
Beatrice Prior, 16, has to choose the faction that she will belong to for the rest of her life. She is a born Abnegation, but now, she has the choice to live her life differently. There's one catch. If she does not choose Abnegation, she has to leave her family behind. She has to live with the consequences and she has to get through initiation, if not, she will be one of the Factionless, in current terms, she will be begging on the streets, without identity.  This book follows Beatrice's journey as she chooses THE faction.

My thoughts:  
I loved this book to bits and pieces, not only because of the intricate world that Veronica Roth creates for the readers, but all because of the characters! I love Beatrice. She inspires me in so many ways.  Her journey throughout the novel somehow reflects my journey as I moved from Singapore to the UK for Uni. Okay, enough said. I do NOT WANT to be spammed as a SPOILER.

I also loved loved Four. Yes, that's his name. But read the novel and you will know why he got the name Four. He is so hard headed and arrogant, but yet he is soft and vulnerable. I liked how he is portrayed as the invincible but yet there is a dark history of his, which makes him ever so vulnerable.

The world that Beatrice lives in, was very well thought and crafted by Veronica Roth. It leaves me in awe but gets me thinking, if this is the best way to avoid war. Surely, if everyone lives by the factions, one will never feel the need to wage a war, or will it not?

It ties in with the world one lives in today. The world where the rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer. No one cares. But what would happen, when there is a FACTION(abnegation)  just for caring. Will it help? A perfect Utopia,  don't you think?

Don't you just love this Quote? 
“A brave man acknowledges the strength of others.”
How true, if only all of us understood this

I imagined him/her as....

Beatrice Prior : Saoirse Ronan- loved her in Lovely Bones and Atonement
Four: Logan Lerman- after Percy and the Lightning Thief, I think he is quite the Dauntless fellow!

I recommend this to 
I have a feeling the whole entire universe has already read this book.
If you haven't read it, then...


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