Friday, September 7, 2012

Perks of being a Wallflower

First up: I am terribly, horribly very very sorry, this blog had been abandoned for about a week? I had a paper to do! Then after which I took of on an holiday! Now that the paper is done and dusted, and I am back revitalized!, I AM HEREEE!!!
(*runs around in an circle waving hands in the air**)

Reading this book made me feel intrusive; like I was reading someone's diary. But nevertheless, being the "nosy poker" that I am....  I LOVED This book.

Plot Summary: (Courtesy Goodreads)
Standing on the fringes of life... offers a unique perspective. But there comes a time to see what it looks like from the dance floor.

This haunting novel about the dilemma of passivity vs. passion marks the stunning debut of a provocative new voice in contemporary fiction: The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

This is the story of what it's like to grow up in high school. More intimate than a diary, Charlie's letters are singular and unique, hilarious and devastating. We may not know where he lives. We may not know to whom he is writing. All we know is the world he shares. Caught between trying to live his life and trying to run from it puts him on a strange course through uncharted territory. The world of first dates and mixed tapes, family dramas and new friends. The world of sex, drugs, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, when all one requires is that perfect song on that perfect drive to feel infinite.

Through Charlie, Stephen Chbosky has created a deeply affecting coming-of-age story, a powerful novel that will spirit you back to those wild and poignant roller coaster days known as growing up

My thoughts
Wow what a read! 
1991 guys. freaking 21 years ago, this is what high school was all about.
And Charlie.. oh Charlie. He is just so unique isn't he?

This book introduces the readers to the world of drugs, first love, parties and sex. (SO if you are young/pre teen, maybe this book is not for you, till very much later). You see things as Charlie experiences them first hand. It is quite interesting as you never know who Charlie is writing this to, he addresses every letter to a "friend" but you never find out who this "friend is" I think its me. Yes, it is!
I read this book, in a day. Yes guys, its a short read and a very intriguing one too. So you will find it hard to put it down. Some parts of it was really disturbing. But seriously look past it, this book is seriously one of its kind. 
I am really excited for the movie!!!!

Don't you just love this quote:

"I would die for you, But i will not live for you"

 This quote just hits you in the face doesn't it?

Like Charlie, don;t you  want to feel like YOU ARE INFINITE?

Rate: 5/5
Everyone should read this!



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