Saturday, September 29, 2012

City of Glass

One "word"

Okay, that was not really a word, hence the inverted commas.
But wasn't it amazing?

If you haven't read the first two books of the Mortal Instrument series, then I suggest,
YOU GET GOING AND GET THE BOOKS MATE! (you don't want me to spoil the book for you do you?)

But if you are up to date with the series or have read the third book, you could stick around!

I was uber excited getting into this book because of the eminent war that loomed in the horizons of the shadowhunter world. I really wanted to know if Simon had any other powers (i really have grown to love Simon), if Jocelyn would finally wake up and if Clary and Jace get together regardless of their relationship status.

The second book was a cliff hanger and I hated hanging by a thread.

But this book was amazing for so many reasons
  1. We get to know who Jace is. His background. His blood (literally)
  2. Simon. Yes his name alone suffices
  3. Jocelyn is AWAKE!! 
  4. Simon. 
  5. The name - Herondale comes up in this book - Yay William from TID
  6. Simon
  7. The heartbreaks
  8. The Oohs
  9. The Aahs
  10. Simon
I am just so happy that Jace and Clary can get back together and there's no more incest in the book. Valentine gone forever, I presume. And even though, i will miss Jonathan Rhys Meyer's in my head, I am glad the evil one is gone.
 And aww, Jocelyn and Luke!!

I will be doing a  PROPER book review on the series so far, once I have read all the book in the series, (till City of Lost Souls).

This is just post so that I can ramble on the awesomeness of the book to you guys

Let me know how you loved the book! I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Inklings Booklings said...

Why does everybody but me like this series!? I'm seriously starting to worry there's something wrong with me (or there's a slight chance it's the other way around :3) Just kidding. :) I have to re-read the first book, I couldn't get past the siblings thing. Maybe I'll feel diferently if I give it another shot, without prejudices and expectations. :D

And who's that Simon guy? Wipe that drool off your chin! (:D)

-Inx from Inklings of two Booklings